Special Guru Poornima Celebrations in Houston Namadwaar

By the immense grace and compassion of Sri. Swamiji, Houston Namadwaar celebrated Guru Poornima day with special events on Saturday, August 1st 2015. A Booklet-“In the Path of Love” was launched and posters of the booklet were unveiled on one of the Namadwaar walls, by dignitaries from greater Houston area including the Mayor of Manvel. As the posters were unveiled, everyone could perceive the pride and joy in the audience when they saw their contributions have been put to good use for all noble causes around the world.

Sri.Ramanujamji’s address to the audience was very timely and moved every one present. Smt. Uma Ranganathan along with Smt. Manjulaji and Sri.Chandrakanthji gave a feast to the audience through a music ensemble, many of them were Sri Swamiji’s compositions.

The evening events commenced with a discourse on Guru Mahima by Smt.Zeni Ram followed by a lovely procession of Sri Swamiji. Over 100 people attended both the events.

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