Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations in Houston Namadwaar

Sri Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated in Houston Namadwaar for 2 days on August 26 and 27 2016. On Friday night there was a children-centric event with Nandotsavam, where Nanda Baba brought Krishna and put HIm in a cradle and all children danced around little Krishna. Then Premika Varadan-Madhuri Sakhi were taken on a purappadu palanquin outside where a decorated pot was hung, ready to be broken by Krishna’s little friends. The children took turns to break the pot and were rewarded with lots of candy and sweets. The kids all had a lot of fun during the celebration.
The next morning, the divine wedding of Sri Krishna and Sri Radha (Radha Kalyanam) was celebrated in the sampradaya tradition with the singing of ashtapadis and bhajans. The Divine Couple blessed all those who attended Their divine wedding!

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