Sri Madhuri Sakhi Samedha Sri Premika Varadha Yugala Sarkar Pravesham in Richmond,VA

By the immense grace of His Holiness Sri SwamiJi, Virginia Namadwaar is blessed with Sri Madhuri Sakhi Samedha Sri Premika Varadha Yugala Sarkar and celebrated their Pravesham [arrival] into Virginia Namadwaar on Sunday, September 3rd 2017 in grandeur. It has been yet another blissful year for Virginia Namadwaar, after the Holy Padhukas, our Sri SwamiJi blessed the devotees of Virgnia with ThakurJi.

It was a great moment for us to welcome our sweet Yugalam. The divine couple were welcomed with Poorna Kumbham ,Chatram and Chamaram. The Mangaka Arthi was taken with Madhura Geetham as they entered.

The divine couple were seated in their asAnam and the devotees were eager to have their Darshan and take their blessings. What good are we all without our Gurunathar!! Yes, the Grand celebration started with Guru Vandhanam and abishekam to His Holy Padhukas .Guru Kirtans were rendered while the abishekam was in progress.

After this we had the Tirumanjanam for the divine couple with Madhura Geetham, Divya Prabandha parayanam, Tirupallandu and N√©eraatam. Thakurji was not only drenched in milk, honey and water, but with devotees’ renditions of Maha mantra Sankirtan, purusha shuktham, Srimad Bhagavatham – Krishna Jananam parayanam and, Madhura geethams, it was a treat to the eyes and ears

……”Vedha parayanam, murali geetha thudan, azhwargal aruli cheyalgaludan koodi kondadu….” yes…a real kondattam of the lordships!!

Alankaram was done to the divine couple after Tirumanjanam. Pushpa Archanai, reciting Guru ashtotram, Vishnu Sahara Namavali Ashtotram, Krishna ashtotram and Lakshmi ashtotram were done. We had Anjaneya utsav, with devotees singing Madhura geethams and Hanuman chaLisa were recited. The Pravesham concluded with Kaliyayum kirtan and Maha Arthi and lunch Prasad was served. It was a great divine experience and all the fortunate devotees who attended were feeling blessed.

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