Sri Poornimaji’s Satsangs in Minneapolis, MN

With the immense grace of Sri Swamiji HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, Minneapolis GOD Satsang had the fortune of hosting Sri Poornimaji, disciple of Sri Swamiji, from June 21 to June 23 2019. Sri Poornima ji gave a wonderful lecture series in English on Pandarpur lila titled “Chala Pandharila Javu”.
While taking everyone on a virtual tour to Pandhari through bhakta charitras, Sri Poornima ji also led a unique Varkari Utsav – leading about a 100 devotees gathered to sing abhangs, and doing nritta around Panduranga and Rakhmai devi!

This blissful utsavam filled with abhangs, Madhurageethams, and Vittala nAma, spanned over 3 days, with over 100 people attending sangeetha upanyasam and thoroughly enjoying every minute.
Day 1 on Friday, started with Mahamantra Sankeertan Nama Chanting in front of the Sannidhi with Sri Swamiji and our beloved Madhuri sakhi sametha Premika Varadhan Thakurji. This was followed by the upanyasam by Sri Poornima ji where she talked about Satsanga mahima, Guru’s grace which takes us to places that we cannot even imagine, and how the Lord Himself is easily attainable through a Satsang. Sri Poornima ji based her upanyasam for day-1 on Guru Maharaj’s Madhurageetham – Vittal Peyaral Koodiduvom – then moving on to the stala purANA of Pandharpur, how the Lord came to see the pitru bhakti of Pundaleeka and ended up staying there for 28 chatur yugas!

Day-2 of the utsavam started with Samskruti – art competition for kids, hosted by Gopa Kuteeram Minnesota. Young artists created magic with their colors, bringing the theme given to them to life so beautifully. Kids who joined us for Samskruti also presented kirtans, abhangs and slokams before Sri Poornima ji’s upanyasam commenced for the day.
During her upanyasam on day-2, Sri Poornima ji highlighted the charitra of Sant Namdev, who as a young child, made Panduranga to come out of His archAvatAra, just to eat the food Namdev offered Him during daily pUja! Kids gathered for the upanyasam were completely smitten by this story and were assured that faith and love towards the Lord can bring the Lord Himself right in front of you! Sri Poornima ji led a very unique Varkari Utsav after upanyasam, leading the devotees in a divyanAma sankeertan, with abhangs and nAmavalis.

Day-3 of Chala Pandharila Javu, was hosted by Sri Sriram Iyer and Smt Kamakshi Iyer in their residence. As with other days, we started with Mahamantra Sankeertan, followed by Sri Poornima ji’s upanyasam. In her final day upanyasam, Sri Poornima ji took us through the charitra of Sant Janabai, briefly touching rest of Sant Namdev’s charitra, mentioning how Sant Janabai was a contemporary to Gyaneshwar Maharaj, and one particular story from Janabai’s life that highlighted the power of Vittala nAma. Then we all had the fortune of listening to the story of Sant Tukaram, who as a grhastha and living through a famine during his time, had seen situtaions we cannot even imagine! There wasn’t a dry eye in the room listening to how Sant Tukaram was transformed through his life events and how his ekAntha bhakti remained steadfast through ups and downs. Sri Poornima ji concluded Chala Pandharila Javu with the swargarOhan of Sant Tukaram and leaving us all craving for more upanyasams, and stories of all the great devotees of Pandharpur.
We concluded with Hanumath Utsavam and prarthana for more satsangs – in Sant Tukaram’s words – nA lage mukti Ani sampada, sant sangh deyi sadA!

GOD Minneapolis Satsang devotees offer their humble pranams to Sri Poornimaji for the wonderful utsavam she led and pray to the Lotus Feet of Sri Swamiji, to bless them with more katha shravanam, more satsangs and more nAma.

SatgurunAth maharAj ki Jai!
Bola pundaleeka varadE, Hari Vittale!

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