Sri Ramaswamyji’s Arrival, Paduka Pravesham and Pattabhishekam at Houston Namadwaar

By the immense grace of our Guru Maharaj, Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, July 10th was indeed a blessed day for Houston, in fact for the entire USA. Sri Swamiji had blessed Houston Namadwaar with a full time priest, Sri Ramaswamy ji. Sri Ramaswamy ji is an ardent disciple and sevak of Sri Swamiji and is currently gracing the divine spiritual center – Houston Namadwaar.

Sri Ramaswamy ji was eagerly received by the Houston Satsang congregation at the Intercontinental airport with garland and jaya-gosham glorifying the Guru.

Sri Jeevan ji and Lekshmi ji’s family had visited India this summer, and was blessed to bring the Divine Padukas of Sri Swamiji for Houston Namadwaar. Sri Paduka graced the United States on the same day with a grand welcome. Sri Swamiji’s Paduka Pravesham into the Houston Namadwaar happened on the morning of 13th of July 2017. Sri Ramaswamyji welcomed the Guru with the respects of Chatram, Chaamaram etc, and performed the archana and puja of the Holy Padukas with the singing of Guru Mahima kirtans of Sri Swamiji. Sri Ramaswamy ji gave theertha prasadam for all devotees on this blissful morning.

Sri Swamiji’s Paduka Pattabhishekam Satsang happened on Saturday July 15th 2017 with yet another glorious celebration where Sri Ramaswamyji gave a lecture with a gripping account of the Paduka Pattabhishekam from Srimad Ramayana. The Satsang continued with a special thirumanjanam, and procession of the Divine Padukas and concluded with crowning the Sri Padukas of Sri Swamiji in Houston Namadwaar with pushpa varsham and variety of flower garlands.

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