Sri Swamiji’s Jayanti Celebrations 2011 – Bay Area

Our Guru Maharaj’s 50th birthday was celebrated with all pomp and splendour at Fremont Temple in Bay Area, California, USA on Thursday the 27th of OCtober 2011.
The special Satsangh celebrations were conducted in front of the shrines of Lord Sri Srinivasa Permual and Godess Lakshmi, Lord Jagannatha, Lord Rama-Lakshmana-Sita-Hanuman and Lord Shiva. Weekly nama satsanghs have been going on at this temple for over 3 years.

The satsangh started with nama and the devotees chanted nama for about 2 hours and ended with Kaliyayiyum Bali Kollum song.
This was followed by souful rendering of Guru Kirtans and Guru Namavalis. The program ended with Gurunathar’s songs on
Lord Srinivasa and Hanuman. About 20 people participated in the Satsang.

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