Sri Swamiji's Jayanti Celebrations: SFO Bay Area

Satsangh devotees from Bay Area celebrated Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi in San Jose and had a wonderful Nama filled day on Nov 6th. The day started with Prabodhanam, followed by Pancha Stuti. Devotees took turns to chant Nama for 9 hours until the evening. The following Kirtans were rendered – “Gurunathar Vazhi”, “Kaarana Rahitha”, “Sadguru Padhukam” “Guru Arul Onre Ariven”, “Bhagyam Vullore Varungal”, “Abhang Gurudhyayi Gurudhyayu” & “Anjayneya Anjaneya”.

Devotees assembled later in the evening at the temple to participate in the weekly nama at Fremont Temple. After the Nama, Kirtans were rendered. Being a Diwali weekend, many new devotees participated in the Nama chanting at the temple.

The day ended with Atmanivedanam followed by Dolotsavam.

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