Srimad Ramayana Navaham in Bay Area

By the immense grace of Sri Swamiji, Srimad Ramayana Navaham was conducted in Bay Area, CA led by Sri Poornimaji at SVCC temple from April 25 – May 3 2016.  The event was very well received by one and all. Close to 80 devotees listened to the lectures with awe and reverence on a daily basis.  The lectures were conducted in the evenings and Sri Poornimaji enthralled everyone right from adults to child alike  with her wonderful expositions from Srimad Valmiki Ramayana. A special mention that the kids were also very attentive during the lecture sessions and eagerly looked forward to hear the divine nectar of Srimad Ramayana from Sri Poornimaji everyday.

The first day started with ‘Greatness of Ramayana’, followed by ‘Birth of Ramayana’ on the second day. The third day ended with a joyful celebration as everyone celebrated the birth of Lord Rama and also joyfully took part in Seetha Kalyanam. ‘Kausalya’s Mangalasasanam’ moved the entire audience to tears and on the fifth day, Sri Poornimaji beautifully talked about the greatness of Bharatha and the day’s discourse concluded with Padhuka Pattabhishekam. Sri Poornimaji’s parallels from Kamba Ramayana, Pasurams and Ramcharitmanas  to cite relevant instances depicting the greatness and current day relevance of the great epic was truly wonderful. On the sixth day, the devotees listened to the exposition of Aranya Kanda, Jatayu and Sabari Moksham. The celebrations were multi-fold on the seventh day, since they witnessed the entry of our dear Hanumanji in Kishkinda kanda. Special Vada Malas were joyfully stringed and offered to Hanumanji at the end of the sixth, seventh and eight day discourses.  Sundara Kanda lecture on the eighth day drew throngs of people to the lecture hall and everyone were glued to their seats until the end of the lecture.  The finale lecture began with Vibhisana Sharanagathi, Yuddha Kanda, Sri Rama Pattabhishekam  followed by Hanumad Utsav.

Prior to the lectures, there were cultural performances almost every day during the Navaham.  By the immense grace and compassion of Sri Swamiji, Bay Area  GOD Chapter was truly blessed to have Sri Poornimaji in Bay Area and grace one and all with the divine nectar of Srimad Ramayana.


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