Thulasi Kalyanam at Virginia Namadwaar

Thulasi Kalyanam – Saturday, November 17th 2018.

By the immense blessings of Sri SwamiJi, Lord Sri Krishna and Thulasi devi, Virginia Namadwaar Celebrated Tulasi Kalyanam on Nov 17th at GOD Property, 22495, Landora Bridge Road, Ruther Glen, VA.

Thulasi plants were decorated with flowers and garlands and Amlas were kept near Tulasi devi. Devotees sang several Madhura Geethams on Tulasi devi. Young girls. Gopis performed Pushparchanai to Tulasi devi and every one prayed for Bhakthi, continuous satsang and Guru Seva. Celebration concluded with Mangalam and Arathi.

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