Two Day Summer Camp in Naperville, Chicago – June 2013

Chicago GOD Chapter  held a 2 day summer camp for kids aged 5 – 10  in the Naperville Public Library on June 14th & 15th 2013 from 9:00 to 4:00 PM. The two day Indian heritage camp was filled with interesting and fun-filled sessions of art & craft, music, poetry sessions, culinary and entertainment . The first day started of with an Icebreaker game, followed by a puppet show were kids joined the puppets and chanted the Mahamantra. This was followed by yoga session and  then an unique slide show on the Saints of India. After a quick lunch break, the first post-lunch session was the culinary session, where the kids had hands on experience  in making yummy mango lassi. Then came the much awaited session which the kids enjoyed to the fullest  – poetry session, were the kids learnt to write their own Poetry in a fun way.  The second day commenced with prayer and yoga. After enough stretching and bending the kids got busy making a variety of art and crafts. They made kites, bead bracelets and beautiful maavila thoranams. In the evening, all parents gathered to watch the finale. The kids beautifully began with Nama chanting and sang “The song of Values”, which they learnt in the camp. This was followed by a Parents Vs Kids quiz, and the kids triumphed this year as well. Smt. Priya Tulasi ji of GOD Wisconsin gave away the certificates to the kids and mementos to all the volunteers, who enthusiastically volunteered their time and talent for the camp.  10 kids participated in the summer camp and they eagerly looked for more such sessions in the future.


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