Vaishnava Swabhava – Elucidated

Date: Dec 5, 2007
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am
Topic: Vaishnava janato
Venue: Residence of Mr. Padmakanth Kambatiji, Houston, TX.
Pravachan karta: Sri Ramakrishnahari

The satsang started with the speech of Sri Ramakrishnahari ji who dwelt on the meaning of the famous song ‘Vaishnava janato’ sung by the Saint Sri Narsimha Mehtha. Sri Ramakrishnahariji said that an ideal Vaishnav feels the pain of others as his own; he serves others without a tinge of pride in his mind. So on, the Saint elucidated the traits of a true Vaishnav. Finally, after narrating many noble qualities, Sri Mehtha ji refers to one basic qualifying characteristic which is ‘Ram Naam shoon taali laagi’ – meaning- ‘The Vaishnav is fastened to the elixir coming by the Name of Ram!’ This highlighted the fact that constant remembrance of the Name of God is the hallmark of the Vaishnav.

The lecture was followed by Mahamantra kirtan for 15 minutes. Along with the beats of Dolki, people danced drunk with the elixir of Mahamantra. Around 25 devotees participated in the satsang. A song from Andal’s Thiruppavai was sung and was explained by a devotee and the satsang ended with Arati.

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