Vamana Jayanthi celebration by Virginia Namadwaar

With the boundless grace of our beloved Guru Maharaj and Premika Varadha Takurji and Madhuri sakhi, Virginia Namadwaar celebrated Vamana Jayanthi on 29th August via online.

Our Divine couple were decorated with garlands and placed on the swing. Our dear Takurji was holding a Chathram and Kamandalu ready for his descend. The satsang started with Mahamantra kirtan, followed by the devotees reciting the Avatara chapter (8th canto) from Srimad Bhagavatam. After this Guru, Krishna and Lakshmi ashtothrams were recited. After this the devotees celebrated Deepothsav, rendering Madhura gitams on, Guru and Nama Mahima. Vamana avatar Madhura Gitam were also sung. Soulful prayer kirtans composed by our Guru Maharaj were rendered to bless us with satsang always.
The satsang concluded with kaliyayum bali kollum kirtan and harati.

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