Virginia Namadwaar Celebrates Aadi Pooram in a grandeur

With the immense blessings of our Premika Varadhan- Madhuri Sakhi and Sri SwamiJi, Namadwaar Virginia celebrated Aadi pooram on July 31st. The Divine couple were adorned with jewels and garlands and seated on the swing. Madhuri Sakhi with ‘Andal Kreedam’ and parrot in her hands, was ready to enjoy her Jayanti celebrations and bless her dear children. “”Kili kondu vandha seidhi thaan ennavo…..””

The satsang started with Mahamantra kirtan and was followed by Guru kirtans. Sri Ranganatha and Godha ashtothra namavalli archanas were recited.
Devotees sang Madhura Geethams on Lord Krishna,Sri Ranganatha, Andal and, Radha devi. Sampradaya kirtans were also rendered. Prayer kirtans with a prayer to bless us with more and more Satsangs were rendered. Satsang concluded with kaliyayum bali kollum kirtan and Maha Arthi.

Around 32 devotees took part in the celebration.

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