Virginia Namadwaar’s Second Anniversary Celebrations

With boundless grace and infinite compassion of Sri Swamiji and Sri Madhuri sakhi Sametha Premika Varadha Thakurji and abundant mercy of Sri Jagannath Parivar, Virginia Namadwaar celebrated the anniversary of Namadwaar Pravesham into Sri Krishna’s Holy Land with “Radha Kalyana Utsav”, the marriage of divine Lordships Sri Radha and Lord Sri Krishna. Wedding was celebrated in Bhagavatha Sampradhayam with Madhura Geetham, Ashtapathi, Sampradhaya Bhajan. It was a magnificent four day celebration from June 28 to July 1st 2019.
The first day the devotees conducted theppostav, where the lordships were well adorned and placed in a theppam, were surrounded with deepams. Satsang started with Maha mantra Sankeertanam, Guru keertans, Sampradaya keertans and Ashtapathis were rendered. Lordships were in the theppam, after each Ashtapathi , a corresponding Madhurageetham was sung. The first day concluded with kaliyayum keertan and dinner maha prasad was served after Arthi. Around 30 devotees enjoyed the Utsav.
Day 2 morning, started the satsang with Maha mantra kirtan, Guru keertans and ontinued with the rendition of other Ashtapathis and Madhurageethams.
Day3 started colorfully with the divine wedding celebrations. After prabodhanam the divine couple were well decorated with jewels and garlands. The wedding was performed in the Bagavatha sampradayam, Sampradya keerthans, Kalyana ashtapathi, and Madhurageethams were rendered. Radha krishna pravaram and Choornikai were read out. Mangalyadharanam was done and Lagnashtakam was also recited. It was a very blissful satsang. Over 40 devotees attended and received the blessings from the divine couple. The satsang concluded with kaliyaum keertan and lunch maha prasad was served after Arthi.

Day 4 Akanda nama was conducted from morning to evening, and the grand 4 day utsav concluded with Anjaneya utsav. Starting with guru keertans ,Madhurageethams on lord hanuman were sung. The devotees also recited Hanuman chalisa. Satsang concluded with kaliyayum keertan and prasad was offered.
Virginia GOD Satsang seek blessings from Sri Swamiji to bless them with more and more blissful satsangs in Krishna’s own land.

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