Year-End Gopa Kuteeram Annual Day in Houston Namadwaar

On Sunday April 25, the five Gopa Kuteeram centers of the Greater Houston Area showcased what they have learned this year during their year-end Annual Day program. A total of 68 students and 14 teachers came together to celebrate the accomplishments of the students. Despite the pandemic Gopa Kuteeram program was very successful. Classes were conducted entirely online this year. During the Annual Day program, the Kishora Krishna students, comprising of middle schoolers, presented their projects. All of them included informational videos, skits and animations to emphasize their thoughts. The elementary school students presented their learnings in the form of narration and enactment. Among the clubs, the shloka clubs presented the stotras they learned, and the yoga club held a live session of the asanas (poses). Everyone worked hard to show what they had learned. The parents and guests were full of appreciation for what had been accomplished.

Two special guests, Thara Narasimhan ji (President Hindus of Greater Houston) and Skandaprasad Hariharan ji (GOD Canada) graced the occasion. They watched each group of kids give their presentations with great enthusiasm. Thara ji also gave her feedback and praise to the students. She mentioned volunteer opportunities for the kids at the Sanatana Dharma Radio Show as well as other activities.

The event concluded with Skandaprasad ji giving his feedback and praise. Having completed a full year’s curriculum successfully online, the Gopa Kuteeram organizers followed up with the hope to keep up the learning with summer programs and other activities. By the grace of our Guru Maharaj, we hope to continue these enrichment programs for kids and youth.

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