Nama Dwaar Newsletter – August 2019

What is Satsang? Why Do We Need It?

All our scriptures and great saints speak about the greatness of satsang.
But we may wonder, “Why do we need satsang?”

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Cherished Memoirs 74

The Essence of the Scriptures

This series chronicles interesting experiences recounted by the devotees of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji or divine words/experiences of Sri Swamiji himself. These articles are generally translations from the series, “Madhuramaana Mahaneeyar” or similar articles published in the ‘Madhuramurali’ Tamil monthly magazine.

Sri Veda Vyasa blessed us with the Vedas, which are the basis of our Sanatana Dharma. He also gave us Mahabharatam, one of the two Itihasas, and 17 of the 18 Puranas, along with the meaning of the Vedas through our Upanishads and Brahma Sutram. So we can say with confidence that Sri Veda Vyasa established our Sanatana Dharma. Sri Shuka is the son of Sri Veda Vyasa. What is the inner meaning of this?

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Madhurageetham: Sri Krishna Leela – 9

Butter stealing Lilas of the Lord!  – navanIta nAtyam

The 10th canto in Srimad Bhagavatam is known as “Ashrayam” or “refuge” for Lord Krishna’s devotees for it talks about the Lord’s incarnation and his sweet lilas on this Earth. Sri Swamiji has written beautiful kirtans on these various lilas of Lord Krishna. So, in this series we will relish those lilas of Lord Krishna through Sri Swamiji’s kirtans.

Last month, we enjoyed the baby steps of Lord Balarama and Lord Krishna. As they started walking, their mischief, especially stealing butter from the houses in Gokula began as well. The Gopas and Gopis enjoyed their pranks though they pretended to complain to Yashoda every now and then.

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Story Time

Life of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu – Illustrated Series – Part 6

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was a great saint who unleashed the flood of divine love through the Divine Name. Here is the next part of the comic-strip-type illustrated series on the life of this great saint.

Nimai is Born!

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Warli Art

How much do you know about this ancient art form of India?

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News of the Month (July – Aug 2019)

Janmashtami Celebration across the US and Canada:

Virginia Namadwaar, VA
‘Janmashtami Celebration in Virginia Namadwaar’

Houston Namadwaar, TX
‘Janmashtami Celebration in Houston Namadwaar’

Seattle Namadwaar, WA
‘Janmashtami Celebration in Seattle Namadwaar’

Orlando, FL
‘Janmashtami Celebration in Orlando’

New Jersey, NJ
Janmashtami Celebrations in New Jersey

Toronto, Canada
Janmashtami Celebrations in Toronto, Canada


Orlando, FL
Rath Yatra in Orlando

Namadwaar, Virginia
Sri Andal Jayanthi Celebration in Virginia Namadwaar

Upcoming Events

Virginia Namadwaar
Sept 7th, 5 pm: Radhashtami Celebration. Please check flier below for details








Life & Soul Free Health Fair in Houston
Sept 14th, 8 am to 12 noon: Free Community Health Fair. Please check flier below for details


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