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Satsang: The Key to Love and Happiness

It is said that any person’s mental attitude is the median of the attitudes of the top five people that he interacts with. It is not surprising that for us to have a positive outlook on life, we need to associate with those who are positive by nature. Likewise even in the path of spirituality, what best way other than to associate with others on the same path?
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Pages of Inspiration – Book Review

Yogi Sri Krishnaprem by Dilip Kumar Roy

This riveting book about a great soul, Sri Krishnaprem, authored by renowned Bengali singer and musician, and disciple of Sri Aurobindo, Dilip Kumar Roy, brings to light the immense spiritual wisdom of Sri Krishnaprem.
Through his close personal interactions with Sri Krishnaprem over about 40 years, in person, as well as through regular written correspondence, the author portrays Sri Krishnaprem’s transformation from an intellectual Englishman, Prof. Ronald Nixon, to a staunch Guru bhakta whose heart became completely filled with divine love of Sri Krishna and Radharani.
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Answers and Beyond…

Spiritual questions answered by HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Why should one have a Guru?
Why is it customary to exchange betel leaves on important occasions?
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Fortune Favors the Brave

Owing to his deep and complete devotion, the eight goddesses blessed the king that he would be granted their vision whenever he desired. With their blessings, the king ruled the country happily. His kingdom was blessed with every kind of wealth and hence all the citizens were happy and prosperous.
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Kids Quiz – Music Composers

December is music season in south India. Let’s test your knowledge about two bhaktas who are famous as Carnatic music composers.
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Kids Contributions

Here is an wonderful drawing by budding artist, 8 year-old Purush Sriram from Redding, CA.
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Children (ages 0 to 18), send us your spirituality/religion-themed original artwork, writings and poetry for publication in our newsletter and website. Email your work to

News of the month

**Seattle: Gopa Kuteeram Shloka Competition
**Thanksgiving Nama in Houston Namadwaar
**Veteran’s Day Akhanda Nama in Houston Namadwaar
**Srimad Bhagavata Saptaham in Boston
**Gopashtami Celebrations in Dallas
**Thanksgiving Satsangs in Milwaukee
**Monthly Gopa Kuteeram in Bay Area, CA

Upcoming Events

Dec 26, 2011 to Jan 1, 2012: Srimad Bhagavata Saptaha Utsav at Houston Namadwaar (3642 Bailey Ave, Manvel, TX) in the presence of Ms. Poornimaji, disciple of HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. All are welcome!
Bhagavatam pravachan schedule: Dec 26-Dec 31: 6:30pm to 8:30pm, Jan 1: 11am to 1pm
Also please join us for programs all-day, every day, including Srimad Bhagavata parayanam, Mahamantra Nama sankirtan, Devotional kirtans, Divya Nama sankirtan, Children’s programs, Special New Year cultural program and more.
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Click here for detailed event schedule
For more information, contact 281-402-6585,

Bay Area, CA
Dec 17, 5:30pm – Madhura Katha, Story-writing competition for children
Fremont Hindu Temple, Fremont, CA
For more information, email

Dec 19-Dec 21- Sampradaya Heritage Camp
Vedic Cultural Center (ISKCON), Sammamish, WA
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