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To Have Been Loved… and Truly Lived!

February 14th has come to be considered as the day of ‘love’ across the world.
What is the highest form of love in this world? Love of God? Perhaps. But mahatmas say that more than our love of God, it is God who loves us a million times more! So then the highest form of love would be that of God towards us. However, the fact is that these are just words to most of us. Only very few people in this world are capable of truly perceiving even a bit of that immense love that God is said to have for us.
What then is the highest form of love that we, mere humans, can perceive?
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Guruvayur Endroru Kshetram Undu…

Srimad Bhagavatam, while describing the birth of Lord Krishna, says:
tam adbhutam bAlakam ambujEkshaNam, chaturbhujam shankhagadAdyudAyudham…”
Today, devotees wishing to see the Lord in this wonderful form throng to Guruvayur, a town in southern India, to have a glimpse of the presiding deity Lord Guruvayurappan. Ancient scriptures mention that Uddhava, Krishna’s great devotee, cousin and minister, had worshiped this image.
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Oh, Will You Not Say “Krishna”?

Feb 10, 2013 was Sri Purandara Dasa’s Aradhana day. A great saint known for his beautiful compositions filled with devotion, he was one who exhorted all to sing the Names of the Lord!
In a well-known song, he sings, “When you have got this rare human birth and have a tongue, can you not say “Krishna”?”
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All is Right with the World

Children’s story

Narendra was a naughty five year old. He liked to play all the time and most of his plays ended up in some kind of mischief. The neighbors would come to his mother, complain about him and criticize his behavior. One day Narendra’s mother was sitting on a tall stool and was busy embroidering a beautiful design on a piece of cloth…
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Kids’ Quiz – Ratha Saptami Trivia

Ratha saptami is a festival dedicated to the Sun God that is celebrated around Jan-Feb every year. Here’s a chance to learn more about this auspicious day.
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News of the month

Global Nama Relay
** On Jan 5, the first Saturday of the New Year, devotees across the globe joined hands across in a grand GLOBAL NAMA RELAY organized by G.O.D., which was 24 hours of continuous chanting of Mahamantra across the world for world peace and harmony. The relay started in New Zealand and ended in the USA at California and Seattle, spanning over 20 countries and 40 cities worldwide.
See pictures from US cities here.

Seattle, WA
** A special new year satsang was held at the residence of Smt. Priya and Sri Guhan on Jan 1. Click here to read the report and see pictures.
** Akhanda Nama Sanirtan was held at the residence of Smt. Vaishnavi and Sri Muthu Annamalai on Jan 26. Click here to read the report and see pictures.

San Antonio, TX
**A special satsang celebrating the New Year and Pongal was held at the residence of Smt. Aparna and Sri Vaidy on Jan 13 Read the report here.

Houston, TX
** The New Year was welcomed auspiciously at Houston Namadwaar with Mahamantra sankirtan on Dec 31 2012 from 6 pm until 12 midnight.
** Akhanda Mahamantra sankirtan for 12 hours was conducted on Jan 20th as well as Feb 1st and 2nd at Namadwaar, from 7 am to 7 pm.

Upcoming Events

**Weekly chanting of Mahamantra for 30 mins will commence soon at the Hindu Temple of San Antonio in Helotes, TX.
For more information, contact Aparna Padmanabhan at
** Feb 15 & 16 – 7am to 7pm: Akhanda Mahamantra Sankirtan at Houston Namadwaar. Call 281-402-6585 for info or directions.
** Mar 11 – Traditional Treasures Spring Workshop on Hidden Scientific Truths from Ancient India for Middle and High-Schoolers at Lost Creek Park in Sugar Land, TX (Houston area). Click here for the flyer
** Mar 29-31 – Namadwaar Anniversary celebrations, Houston TX. Stay tuned for more information.
** May 12 – “Heart of Love” – A music/dance fundraiser event in Dallas, TX. Stay tuned for more information.

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