Nama Dwaar Newsletter – August 2022

India’s Divine Culture

The survival and preservation of India’s divine ethos is essential not simply for its own sake, but indeed for the welfare of the whole world. Sri Swamiji says that if Bhaarat (India) lives, and its mahatmas and their works are allowed to live, then the world will live. The underlying prayer of every spiritual activity that happens in India is “lokA samasthA sukhino bhavantu” – let every living being in this world find joy and happiness – which encompasses the whole world.

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Bhagavan’s Love for His Bhaktas – Relishing the Venkatesha Vaibhavam Series

Celebrating the arrival of Sri Aishwarya Srinivasa Perumal in Houston, Sri Ramanujam ji, disciple of Sri Swamiji, is taking us on a journey to His divine abode by reminiscing the greatness of Lord Srinivasa and Venkatachalam, based on the divine work – ‘Divyadesa Vaibhavam’ by Paranur Mahatma Sri Sri Krishnapremi Maharaj. 

Let’s enjoy a few divine droplets from the second episode of this series that shows Bhagavan’s love for His bhaktas.

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Cherished Memoirs

The Fruit of Service

There is no penance superior to performing selfless kainkaryam (service) to God and Guru. Let’s enjoy the experience of one such elderly devotee who did selfless service.

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Sri Madhurageethams On Lord Krishna Jananam and Bala Leelas

New quiz series on Sri Madhurageethams of Sri Swamiji.

This month: Sri Madhurageethams related to Lord Krishna.

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News of the Month (July – Aug 2022)

Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations across the US

Pearland Mayor Recognizes Puranava Culture Fest in Houston with Proclamation

Sri Andal Jayanthi Celebration in Virginia Namadwaar

Special Home Satsangs – Namasankirtan and Radha Kalyanam by Namadwaar, Atlanta

Mass Prayer for Students in Namadwaar, Atlanta

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