In this quiz, we shall experience the joy of Sri Krishna Jananam and Bala Leelas of Lord Sri Krishna from the nectarine verses in  the divine Sri Madhurageethams of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. 

1. How does Sri Swamiji conclude the kirtan ‘Avadharitthan Kannan’ in the last verse?
a. By describing the beautiful form of Lord Krishna
b. The divine descent will bestow auspiciousness everywhere
c. By describing the joy and happiness seen in Devaki and Vasudeva on the divine descent.

2. Which of these Sri Madhurageethams extols Lord Krishna’s birth?
a. alankAra priyanE aravindAkSha
b. bhAgyame bhAgyam engaL
c. aRiyA siRuvanammA-engaL kaNNan

3. Name the Sri Madhurageetham that describes how Nanda Baba and the Gopis rejoice the birth of the Lord in Gokulam.
a. avadaritthAn kannan
b. kArirul thanilE
c. nandan koNDADinAn

4. Whom does Sri Swamiji refer to in Sri Madhurageetham ‘nandan koNDADinAn’ as becoming jealous on seeing the beautiful form of Lord Krishna?
a. Devas
b. Gopas
c. Kaliya

5. Name the Sri Madhurageeetham where Sri Swamiji compares the gait of toddler Krishna to that of a small elephant.
a. kaNNan engaL mannavan
b. kuTTi kuTTi padam vaitthu
c. anjalinA yAchE prEmikavarada

6. In which Sri Madhurageetham does Sri Swamiji sing of all the Gokula and Brindavana leelas of Lord Krishna?
a. Akalaya Akalaya gOvinda
b. anDru sabaiyil alaRiya draupadi pOl
c. kaiyai thADA gOkula ramaNA

7. In this Sri Madhurageetham, Sri Swamiji calls out to Lord Krishna, like Yashoda, in sweet words asking Him to run toward her. He also refers to Krishna as ‘Devaki Krishna’ here, remembering Devaki who was spending every moment in painful separation from her little one.
a. Kutty kutty padam vaitthu
b. paTTu krishNA kuTTi krishNA
c. dEvaki maindanE nu vArAy

8. Name the Sri Madhurageetham where Sri Swamiji admires the cute gait of toddler Krishna. He looks at the tiny, tender feet walking towards Him, and calls out to Him with sweet names.
a. kuTTi kuTTi padam vaitthu
b. navanItha nATyam
c. oyyAramAy vandu

9. Sri Swamiji sings about a sweet conversation between Krishna and his friend when he joined his
Gopa friends and began stealing butter.
a. navanItha nATyam
b. Engum kaNNan edilum kaNNan
c. maraindu vandhu vennai

10. In this Sri Madhurageetham, Sri Swamiji enjoys the eloquence of Sri Krishna while convincing his mother when she tried to reprimand him for all his mischievous acts.
a. poyyum puraTTum pala seidhu
b. ariyA siruvan ammA
c. kaTTuNDAn kaNNan uralil

11. Sri Swamiji in this Sri Madhurageetham, reminisces His childlike accent, His dance, His singing and delightfully recounts them and says, Bhagavan wins over everyone just by His pure love.
a. dEvaki maindanE nu vArAy
b. premika varadam pranamAmyaham
c. kuzhandai kaNNan kuzhandai kaNNan

12. Sri Swamiji celebrates Sri Krishna’s love for music and dance in this Sri Madhurageetham. He says Krishna enjoys the kirtan done by His devotees and He can be easily attained from right at the place where we are by mere singing, rather than resorting to solitude and penance.
a. kIrtthanapriya namO namO
b. kIrtthanapriyan engaL kaNNan
c. vENugOpAlam praNamAmi

13. In which Sri Madhurageetham does Sri Swamiji sweetly depict Sri Krishna as the
embodiment of love who filled the entire world with love that exuded from the tunes of His flute.
a. prEma gAnam pozhiginDrAn
b. vENugOpAlam praNamAmi
c. gAyati yuvarAja:

14. Sri Swamiji in this Sri Madhurageetham, describes the divine spectacle seen by Lord Brahma where he saw the entire Brindavana as Sri Krishna himself.
a. puRappaDuginDrAn kaNNan
b. engum kaNNan edilum kaNNan
c. tvamEva kuthUhala kEli Krishna

Compiled by:
Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose, CA

Correct Answers: 1[b], 2[b], 3[c], 4[a], 5[b], 6[c], 7[b], 8[a], 9[c], 10[a], 11[c], 12[b], 13[c], 14[b]

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