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Ganga, the Compassionate Purifier

Sprouting from the mouth of Gaumukh, also known as Gangotri glacier, streams of pure sattva flow into the land of Bharat with great fervor. She is none other than the holiest of all rivers, Ganga. It is said that for many thousands of years, Ganga stayed in the heavens and was not willing to come down to the earth for fear of losing her purity. However the compassionate Lord ordained differently!

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Satsang and Maya

Dhyana (meditation), yoga and penance are performed in solitude sans company, but bhakti requires company, as that is the nature of sadhus – they find like-natured people. They don’t nurture hatred for the worldly; they just avoid them.
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Book Review – The Song of Rama

If poetry can be turned into prose without diluting the literary greatness or divinity of this masterpiece, “The Song of Rama” stands testimony to that fact. Written in simple English, it is a touching retelling of the Lord’s story, a pleasant page turner and a tear-jerker all rolled into one.
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Kids’ Storytime – Churning the Milky Ocean: Taking Refuge in God

Deprived of their happiness and peace of mind, the devas took refuge in Lord Vishnu. The Lord advised them to churn the divine ocean of milk and obtain amruta, the divine nectar. By consuming the amruta, the devas would be able to regain their immortality.

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Kids’ Quiz – Father Trivia

June 19 is Father’s Day 2011. Let’s see if you know some famous fathers, grandfathers and sons from the Puranas.

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News of the month

A memorable Memorial Day satsang event was held at Redding, CA, that was filled with Madhurasmaranam, Madhura Geetham, and madhura Nama sankirtanam!

Akhanda Nama sankirtan was conducted in Seattle on May 7. Click here to read the report.

Akhanda Nama sankirtan, Divya Nama sankirtan and a special Narasimha jayanti celebration were held in Houston.
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A special Ekadasi satsang was held in Chicago that was also attended by devotees from Dallas and Michigan. Smt. Booma Raghuraman gave a talk on Azhwars and the significance of Nama kirtan in this Kali Yuga.

Upcoming Events

Chicago Sampradaya Summer Camp
June 17-19 @ Aurora, IL.  Click here for the camp flyer

Houston Gopa Kuteeram Summer Camp
June 29-Aug 17, Every Wed 4-8 PM @ Pearland/Manvel, TX.  Click here for the camp flyer

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