Namadwaar Newsletter – July 2010

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Infinite Ways to Infinite Bliss

(an excerpt from Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji’s discourse)

Earning The Guru’s Affection

Somehow earn the pleasure of a Mahatma and get him to accept you as his devotee.  If that Mahan considers you his bhakta it becomes his responsibility to take you ashore, doesn’t it?

Srimad Bhagavata Mahatmyam, at the very outset says:
‘Chintaamanir-loka-sukham suradruhu swargasampadam;
prayacchati guruhu preeto Vaikuntam yogidurlabam’
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Mind and Matters – 3

Shreyas and Preyas – Man’s Best Friend and Worst Enemy

Our mind actually has us convinced that happiness lies in pleasing the senses (preyas). We have been conditioned thus – not only in this life, but over millions of past births as well. Such conditioning happens at a sub-conscious level and is carried on from birth to birth as latent tendencies (vasanas). The purpose of human life is to unwind ourselves from our past conditioning and accumulated tendencies, and to look a different way for Happiness – the one that ensues after simply performing what is right and good (shreyas).   Read more…

Did you know? Interesting facts about Avataras!

Did you know how Krishna got the name ‘Govinda’?
Did you know what caused the waves in the ocean?
Did you know where is Brugukachha?
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June Crossword Contest – Solution & Winners!

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