Kid’s Quiz – Puri Jagannath Temple

This month we begin a new quiz series based on famous temples and monuments in India. Happy answering and learning!

The first in this series is on the world-famous Puri Jagannath Temple.

1. Name the state in India where Puri Jagannath temple is located?
a. Andhra Pradesh
b. Odisha
c. Uttar Pradesh

2. Who are the primary triad deities who are worshipped in Puri Jagannath temple?
a. Rukmini, Krishna and Sathyabama
b. Radha, Krishna and Balaram
c. Jagannath, Subadhra and Balabhadra

3. Name the famous festival that is celebrated in a grand manner in Puri Jagannath temple
during the month of June-July.
a. Ratha Yathra
b. Ratha Sapthami
c. Makara Shankaranthi

4. The holy kshetra of Puri is also known as __________________________.
a. Rama Kshetram
b. Shiva Kshetram
c. Purushothama Kshetram

5. What does the term ‘Jagannatha’ refer to?
a. Lord of the Universe
b. Lord of the Devas
c. The Creator

6. Name the king who wanted deeply to have darshan of ‘Neelamadhava’ who was hidden deep in the forest on a mountain.
a. Krishnadevaraya
b. Indradyumna
c. Chatrapthi Shivaji

7. The king was not able to have Neelamadhava’s darshan. But was ordained to build a temple for Neelamadhava. He was given instructions to make the deities out of
a. A special log of wood that would come floating on the sea
b. A special Black stone
c. Granite

8. Who came in the guise of a carpenter to carve the idols?
a. Sage Brihaspati
b. The Lord Himself
c. Sage Narada

9. What was the ordinance from the Lord while the idols were being carved out?
a. No one should enter the room till the idols were completely carved out
b. The king should watch and understand the carving method
c. No one should enter the room for the last 2 days

10. What happened when the king entered the room before the idols were completed?
a. The carpenter became the Lord in His 4-armed form
b. The carpenter disappeared and the beautiful ‘unfinished’ deities of Jagannatha, Balabhadra, and Subhadra remained.
c. The room was empty

11. What did Indradyumna do?
a. He had the idols carved again
b. He heard a voice that said that this was Bhagavan’s leela and that he should install the deities in their current form, in the temple. So he did this.
c. He sent soldiers in search of the carpenter and made him come back and complete his work.

12. Puri’s ___________________ is considered very sacred.
a. MahaPrasad
b. River bodies
c. Holy sand

13. How is the Mahaprasad cooked in the temple on a daily basis?
a. In pots made out of steel
b. In earthen pots
c. In gold pots

14. Puri Kshetra is considered as one of the great ___________________ pilgrimage sites.
a. Char Dham
b. Pancha Dwara
c. Divyadesam

15. Name the divine kshetra in Tamil Nadu, where Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji has consecrated the idols of Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra
a. Manimangalam
b. Govindapuram
c. Vittalapuram

Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose CA

1 – b, 2 – c, 3 – a, 4 – c, 5 – a, 6 – b, 7 – a, 8 – b, 9 – a, 10 – b, 11 – b, 12 – a, 13 – b, 14 – a, 15 – b


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