Quiz Time – Sri Ayyaval

1. Sri Shridhara Ayyaval was born in South India, in a town called
A. Mysore
B. Bangalore
C. Kanchipuram

2. Sri Shridhara Ayyaval was a great devotee of this lord
A. Lord Rama
B. Lord Shiva
C. Lord Krishna

3. To which town did Sri Shridhara Ayyaval relocate in Tamil Nadu?
A. Tiruvannamalai
B. Tiruvisainallur
C. Trichur

4. Which river gushed out of the well in the backyard of Sri Shridhara Ayyaval’s home?
A. Yamuna
B. Godavari
C. Ganga

5. Sri Shridhara Ayyaval was a contemporary of this great Mahan
A. Sri Bodendra Swamigal
B. Sri Yogi Ram Suratkumar
C. Sri Ramana Maharishi

6. In which hindu calendar month did the Ganga Karshanam incident take place?
A. Kartika
B. Shravana
C. Bhadrapada

7. Name the Nama that is sung in Sampradaya Bhajans in remembrance of Sri Shridhara Ayyaval.
A. Rama Nama
B. Gangadhara
C. Krishna Nama

8. On which day did the Ganga Karshanam incident take place?
A. Full moon
B. New moon
C. Ekadasi


Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, Bay Area, CA


  1-A, 2-B, 3-B, 4-C, 5-A, 6-A, 7-B, 8-B



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