Madhurageetham Series

Brahma Stuti – Part 4

Srimad Bhagavata Purana is an elixir in this age of Kali.  Srimad Bhagavatam is the ambrosia for the minds of those who have once tasted but a drop of the nectar from this immeasurable deep ocean leading to a thirst for more and more.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna when leaving for His eternal abode manifested Himself and blessed us with this radiance called Srimad Bhagavatam, as brilliant as a million suns to enlighten the world plunged in the dense darkness of ignorance.

Referred to as “the ripened fruit of the tree of Vedas”, Srimad Bhagavatam is the most complete exposition of the entire expanse of spiritual knowledge.

Many Mahatmas have sung and relished Srimad Bhagavatam beautifully through their great works especially the indelible and profound leelas of Bhagavan Krishna, the richest and sweetest of which are the Brindavana leelas – glory unsurpassed!

Brindavan or Braj bhoomi as it is known is  “Prema Dham”  – the land that emanates divine love. The soil of Braj is so pure and rich that seeds of “prema” automatically sprout and grow into nice elegant climbers called bhakti. One can see this in the deep sentiment and love that the elderly people like Yashoda Mata, Nandababa nurtured for dear Krishna and also in the supreme, sweet relationship and in the devotional fervour that the Gopis had for Krishna.  It can also be seen in the selfless companionship that the innocent cowherd boys, Gopas of Brindavan had for Krishna and in the gratitude and affection the beautiful and gentle animals like deer and peacocks, who danced with the rhythm of his melody, had for little Krishna. 

The great Advaitik philosopher and saint Sri Adi Shankara Bhagavatpada in Govindashtakam says , “I salute Govinda who is supreme bliss, who is in the land of Brindavan which is worshipped and saluted by even the celestial gods”. We see this in the Brahma Mohana Leela episode in Srimad Bhagavatam when Lord Brahma sings the nectarine Brahma Stuti glorifying the inconceivable beauty and qualities of the Lord.

Lord Brahma was absolutely overawed, realizing the great good fortune of the residents of Braja and beseeches Bhagavan saying, 

“tad bhUri Bhagyam iha janma kimapi tavyAm      Yad gokule pi katamanghri rajobhishekam 

yajeevitam tu nikhilam bhagavAn mukundas   tva adyApi yat-pada-rajaḥ shruti-mrgyam Eva”

– Srimad Bhagavatam (10.14.34)

He prays to be blessed with a birth as any one of the species in the woodlands of Brindavan with the fortune of bathing in the dust of the feet of the residents of Braja whose life and everything is only Lord Krishna and the dust of whose feet is being sought after by the Vedas even to this day.

Finally, Brahma offers himself at the Lotus Feet of the Supreme Lord and, praising and circumambulating Him again and again, takes His leave.

This is the supreme pleading of Brahma. This is what Shri Oothukadu Venkatakavi sings in one of his very famous songs seeking, “brindAvanam adil oru pullAi piravi thara vendum”, let me be blessed to be born as a blade of grass in the soil of Brindavan. He then further goes on to say, “A grass may not live for a very long time, so, oh Lord Krishna, please give me birth as a stone in this divine soil, so that I shall always be caressed by the dust of Thy Lotus Feet.”

Many Mahatmas like Sri Chaithanya Mahaprabhu, Haridas, Sri Vallabhar, Hitaharivamsar, etc. have sung the glories of the wondrous land. Sri Adi Shankara Bhagavatpada says,” I am even willing to be born as a wolf if it is to be in the blessed soil of Brindavan.”  

Sri Swamiji too in one of His Madhurageethams which we will enjoy this month, prays seeking to reside in Brindavan and relishes all the Brindavana leelas of Sri Krishna in this song, “shrIvana vAsam dEhi mE kriShNa”

rAgam: bilahari 

thALam: Adi

shrIvana vAsam dEhi mE kriShNa
shrIdhara dAmOdhara bhuvana sundara || shrI ||

kAtyAyanisOdara shrI kriShNa
kALIyanartthana shrI kriShNa
kEshivimardana shrI kriShNa
gOpEshvara pUjitha shrI kriShNa || shrI ||

bAnkEvihArI shrI kriShNa
brahmAdisEvitha shrI kriShNa
pIthadukUli shrI kriShNa
brindApUjitha shrI kriShNa || shrI ||

rAsavihArI shrI kriShNa
rAja gOpAlA shrI kriShNa
rAdhAlOla shrI kriShNa
rasikashikhAmaNE shrI kriShNa || shrI ||

vamshIvaTavAsa shrI kriShNa
vamshIdhara hE shrI kriShNa
vadanAngamOhana shrI kriShNa
varamuraLIdharasEvitha shrI kriShNa || shrI ||


Bless me with a life (residence) in Sri Vana (Brindavan) 
Oh Shridhara, Damodhara, beautiful One in all the worlds!

Sri Krishna who is the brother of Kathyayini Devi (Goddess Parvati)
Sri Krishna who danced on the snake Kaliya,
Sri Krishna who killed the demon Kesi,
Sri Krishna who was worshipped by Gopeshvara. (Lord Shiva)

Sri Krishna who is Bankevihari,
Sri Krishna who was worshipped by Brahma and the other gods,
Sri Krishna who wears the yellow garment,
Sri Krishna who is worshipped by Brinda. (Tulsi Devi)

Sri Krishna who is Rasavihari,
Sri Krishna who is Raja Gopala,
Sri Krishna who is the beloved of Radha Devi,
Sri Krishna who is the King among Rasikas.

Sri Krishna who resides beneath the Vamsi tree,
Sri Krishna who plays the flute (Vamsi),
Sri Krishna who has an attractive countenance,
Sri Krishna who is served by Muralidhara!

By Nithya Balasubramanian, Pleasanton CA
Illustration: Advait Kulkarni -11 yrs, Richmond VA



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