Janabai and the Cow Dung Cakes

Janabai was a devotee of Lord Panduranga. Panduranga helped Janabai with her work and she always chanted Vittal. One day Janabai was making cow dung cakes. Janabai was saying Vittal when she was doing cow dung cakes. The neighbor came to Janabai’s house.The neighbor saw Jana’s cow dung cakes and said, “These are mine.”

But Jana said, “They are mine.”

Jana said that she says Vittal when she does cow dung cakes. So, Janabai said, “I will drop the cow dung cakes on the ground and it will say Vittal.”

The neighbor was surprised that Janabai was correct. So from then the neighbor also said Vittal.

Krishnabandhu Rajesh, 6 yrs, Bay Area, CA

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