2020 Madhurageetham Contest North America – Jayathu Shri MadhuraVaani

‘Madhurageethams’ are the sweet, divine compositions of His Holiness Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. Sri Swamiji has composed (and continues to compose) several hundreds of kirtans depicting different bhavas of a devotee towards Bhagavan – from praise and enjoyment, friendship and motherhood, to gratitude, love, intense prayer and more. The beauty of these songs lie in the seemingly simple lyrics that couch profound philosophical meanings, and in the heartfelt prayers and entreaties to Bhagavan.

We pray that you enjoy this joyful journey of learning and singing/dancing to these divine kirtans.


Winners – Category( 6 and below)

1st Place  – Krishnakanth Tallapragada

2nd Place- Bhoonidhi Nenmeni and Suhasini Dushyanth

3rd Place-  Yuktha Parameswaran

Winners – Category( 7-10 years)

1st Place- Krishnabandhu Srivathsa

2nd Place – Samhita Prasanna

3rd Place- Vasundhara Aravind and Varshini Prabhuraj

Winners – Category( 11-14 years)

1st Place – Sahithya Shriram

2nd Place – Madhura Sriram

3rd Place- Vedhashruti Rajesh

Special Mention by Judges- Thaegeswi Balaji, Radharani Narayanan

Winners – Category( 15-18 years)

1st Place – Anirudhah Narayanan

2nd Place- Kishori Prakash

3rd Place- Bharat Salvady

Winners – Category(19 years and above )

1st Place- Mythili Sreedhar

2nd Place- Sujatha Karthik

3rd Place- Vinodini SrinivasaRaghavan

Dance Winners

1st Place – Manasi Ganesh

2nd Place – Smrithi Sankar

3rd Place- Veda Iyer and ‘Preity and Divija’

NOTE: Winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) will perform live on Nov 8 on Nationwide Zoom Call. Timings will be updated


Age to be calculated as of Oct 28, 2020

  • 6 and below,
  • 7 to 10 years,
  • 11 to 14 years,
  • 15 to 18 years
  • 19 and above


Click here for lyrics/song


  • Solo Event – Vocal and Dance
  • Participant must be a resident of USA or Canada
  • Accompaniment not allowed
  • Shruthi and thalam mandatory
  • Indian Traditional Attire is a must
  • Please submit your registrations via this Google Form: https://rb.gy/79k1xa
  • Once submitted, the participant will receive a mail from madhurageetham.god@gmail.com confirming the registration. The mail will also contain a link that will allow the participant to edit the response.
  • After submission, participants can select ONE song from the list provided and record the video.
  • Note: There will be ONLY one round of competition.



  • The last date for Registration is 24th October 2020.
  • After recording the video, please upload it in your own YouTube account (as ‘Unlisted’) and have the link ready.
  • Using the ‘Edit link’ provided in your registration confirmation email, the participant should add the Youtube link to the Google form and re-submit it.
  • Please ensure the video submission is done on or before 28th October 2020.
  • YouTube links must be kept unlisted and not made public.
  • Participants are requested to present themselves in traditional attire.
  • Kindly do not use copyrighted art/photos/clippings in the videos.
  • Only the participant should be in the video.
  • Kindly do not share the videos on social media until competition results are announced.
  • Kindly submit only ONE song.
  • Kindly make sure the videos are of good resolution and aesthetically presented. This video would be forwarded to the judges.
  • Thalam, Ragam and Tune of the song cannot be changed.


One of the primary goals for this unique classical music event is to bring out the bhakti elements through the lyrics, as intended by the composer. Apart from the basics of shruthi, talam and ragam, there will be emphasis on the bhava, bhakti,lyrics (pronunciation and understanding).

We will have eminent musicians from across North America as judges.


  • Winners shall be announced on our website www.godivinity.org on Oct 31.
  • An email notification will also be sent out to the winners, to the email address given in the registration form.
  • Winners of each category shall perform live on Nov 8th 2020 via Zoom/YouTube. More information about this will be shared after the results are announced.

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