Madhura Geetam – Sloka Series: 7

Anuman Vazhi Thunai Aindhu

Sri Swamiji has written a set of five verses in Tamil on Lord Hanuman, the foremost among the devotees of Lord Rama. With the Lord’s name on his lips, he is ever-ready to render service to him. In these 5 slokas, Sri Swamiji extols the qualities of Lord Hanuman and prays to Him for protection from all dangers and for guidance any short impending travel as well as the larger spiritual journey. The verses and their meaning are given here.

azhiyAda akhaNDAkAra thattuva rAmanin dhUdanE!
kaNaiyAzhi thandu rAma manaiyALin thuyar thIrtthAy!
tinaiyinum siRiyavanE! malaiyinum periyavanE!
en vazhi tuNai varuga varugavE!

O messenger of Rama, the imperishable and indivisible Truth,
O, One who removed the sorrow of Lord Rama’s consort by giving her the signet ring,
O, One who is smaller than a grain of millet; who is larger than the mountain!
Please accompany and guard me in my journey!

vAyUvin kumAranE! nirantara AyuLOnE!
maravuri tharitta mannavan maravaDi peTra
sIriya bharatan uyir kAtthOnE!
en vazhi thuNai varuga varugavE!

O, One who is the son of Wind-God; One who is immortal
O, One who protected the life of the noble Bharatha –
who received the Holy Padukas of the bark-adorned Lord,
Please accompany and guard me in my journey!

kATrin sITramum, kATTATrin vEgamum
malaiyena malaikka vaikkum uDaRkaTTum
sIriya nagamum kUriya vALum koNDu
en vazhi thuNai varuga varugavE!

With the fury of the wind and the speed of a wild river,
With Your immense physique that awes one like does a mountain,
With Your fine nails and sharp sword,
Please accompany and guard me in my journey!

bhUtamum prEtamum panjena paRakkavum
acchuRuttum koDiyavar araNDu ODavum

maRaindu kAttirukkum vibattai azhikkavum
en vazhi thuNai varuga varugavE!

To drive away ghosts and spirits easily like cotton in a breeze,
To make evil forces of fear run helter and skelter,
To destroy hidden dangers that await us,
Please accompany and guard me in my journey!

viNNilum maNNilum nIrilum analilum
naDakkinum kiDakkinum ODinum irukkinum
anjchEl endrennai kAkka anjchanai puttiran
en vazhi thuNai varuga varugavE!

While in the sky, on land, in water and in fire,
When I walk, lie still, run or stay,
To protect me by saying “Fear not!”, O Son of Anjana,
Please accompany and guard me in my journey!

Translated by 
Sowmya Balasubramanian, Dallas TX

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