Madhurageetham Arpanam 2023 in Atlanta

An evening filled with culture, music, and fun

On Saturday December 9th, 2023, was Atlanta Namadwaar’s annual Madhurageetham Arpanam! Wait, but what is that? Great question!

First of all, Madhurageethams are divine compositions by His Holiness Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. They capture his divine moments that he had with God in the form of music! This “Arpanam” was an offering of these compositions to God that the folks down at Atlanta Namdwaar conducted.

Various classical music and dance teachers in the Atlanta area sent their students to perform at this eventful evening. There were group performances, solo performances, instrumental performances, and even some dance performances!

There were over 150 participants throughout the evening, as shown above. So many different types of genres of music were sung.

Some songs were fast upbeat tunes that made everyone clap their hands and sing along. Some songs were slow and were very emotional as they were more of pleads and wails to God. Some songs were intriguing as the ragas that they were set in were heavier in the minor keys.

Overall, the evening was a huge success with all the participants having loads of fun performing. The audience also relished all the performances and were engaged throughout the evening. It was so beautiful to see the entire community supporting each other and encouraging one another, and celebrating Sri Swamiji’s beautiful compositions.

Please click on the link below to catch a glimpse of the melodious evening:

by Anirudhah Narayanan, Atlanta

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