3-day discourse on “Chala Pandarila Javu” by Sri Poornima ji, Orlando FL

By the immense krupa of Guru Maharaj and Thakurji, Poornimaji’s 3-day discourse on ” Chala Pandari la Jaavu” in Orlando went very well. The discourses were held at Casselberry Hindu temple from April 5 through April 7.

Poornimaji showered all the devotees with nectarine abhangs and Vitthala’s leelas. Everyone including kids were totally glued to the katha and felt they were mentally transported to the “Bhooloka Vaikunta”!  Poornimaji filled the atmosphere and devotees’ hearts with Bhagavat Nama and her excellent and melodious rendition of abhangs inspired many to learn abhangs.

In addition to the discourses, by Guruji’s grace, Madhurageetam event was organized on April 6th at the residence of Nandini ji/ Sankar ji, where Kids from ages 5 through 13 participated in the event and sang Madhurageetams and Sampradaya bhajans.  On April 7th, Ashtapadi event was conducted, where Ashtapadis and MG- Namavalis were offered to Bhagavan. The event was held at the residence of Mythili ji/ Sridhar ji.

We, Orlando GOD chapter pray Guru Maharaj and Thakurji for more opportunities for such blissful moments and kainkarya.

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