Discourse on 'Guru Mahima' at Dwarkamai

It was a pleasant Saturday evening and more than 50 devotees gathered at Dwarkamai Vidhyapeeth were chanting the ‘Hare Rama..’ Mahamantra in unison. Shri Poornimaji arrived there for a special discourse on the topic: ‘Guru – the Greatest Sadhana’ as the words in Shanteeshwara’s Kirtan read – ‘Guru parathe saadhana naahi’.

Narrating the story from the Upanishads, she drove home the point that the true nature of one’s self cannot be discovered but by the grace of the Guru. Instances and episodes from the lives of great Mahatmas were recounted to show how the Utthama Guru comes in search of a true seeker and picks up the soul, provides him with material happiness as well as the Supreme bliss of liberation, with utmost ease and walks away.

The talk was well received by everyone, and many wished to know more about our Swamiji and the organization. Many showed interest in the Bhagavatam telecon discourses as well.

The satsang was organized by Mrs. Hema and Shri Sandeep at Dwarkamai Vidyapeeth.

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