Four-week Samskruti Family Program in Houston

By the divine grace of His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, the family focused Samskruthi summer camp in Houston was a great success. About 15 participants attended the sessions over four Sundays from Jun 23-July 21st 2013. This year’s sessions focused on certain life skills from the life of Lord Rama. The first session was on ‘Enhancing our Perspectives’, followed by ‘Cherishing Relationships’ in the second week. Then followed a discussion on ‘Effective Communication’, and the final week focused on ‘Leadership’. Each week, the 2 hour session comprised of lecture, activities and team events to re-inforce the concepts reviewed. The camp was uniquely organized such that parents and children attended it together to derive shared learnings and experiences. A disciple of Sri Swamiji, Sri Vallabhadas ji, who is an expert in Ramayana, was instrumental in setting the curriculum and educating the instructors on the divine and practical concepts in Ramayana.
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