Gopa Kuteeram at Chicago

Date  :  Nov 8, 2009. Sunday
Time  :  3:30pm – 5:30pm
Venue : Residence of Sri Zivan Prakash and Yaminiji, Aurora, IL
Event :  Gopa Kuteeram – Kid’s program

As the name indicated, one would think that Gopa kuteeram was a program to be enjoyed by the kids. Ramuji’s conducted the program so well that the parents also enjoyed the program as much as the kids did.

The Gopis and Gopas were given hand-outs with ‘Sloka of the month’. This sloka was from Kunti stuti. Ramuji explained the meaning of the sloka to the kids and had them repeat the sloka as he chanted it. Explaining the context of this sloka, he highlighted the wonderful quality of being able to forgive others for their mistake. He also taught the kids, one of Sri Sri Swamiji’s kirtan “Karunamurti nee allavo kanna”

Ramuji explained the theme of Krishna and it was enacted by the kids. All the 10 families who participated in the program enjoyed it thoroughly.

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