Gopashtami Celebrations at Houston Namadwaar, TX

GOD Houston celebrated Gopashtami at Houston Namadwaar on November 5th which was a Saturday.
About twenty families from all over Houston gathered at Namadwaar with the usual bhakthi enthusiasm to sing and pray to the Almighty Lord Govinda. The divine couple Premika Varadan and Madhuri Sakhi was taken on a mini procession with the Govinda chant. Govinda was all set to enjoy the melodies to be sung by the Devotees in the outdoors of Namadwaar. The Devotees offered a buffet of delicacies much to the liking of the Lord. A collection of kirtans composed by our Swamiji in praise of Govinda was sung as the Lord was feasting the offering. The event was concluded by mass singing of the Mahamantra song.

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