Guru Poornima 2010 – Dallas TX

Guru Poornima was celebrated in a grand manner by Dallas GOD on July 24 at the residence of Smt.Uma/Sri.Meyyappan.
The Satsang started off with the chanting of Dhyana Slokhas. Then while the adults performed Nama Sankirtan, the children actively participated in Gopa Kuteeram led by Smt.Asha Anand. This was followed by the kids reciting slokhas and the adults and children reciting the Bhisma Stuti.

After this, the Satsang members watched ‘Madhurasmaranam – My Guru as I see Him’ discourse by Dr. Bhagyanathanji. The Satsang was concluded with the Maha Mantra Kirtan and Arati.

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