Guru Poornima Celebration : Houston, TX, USA

With the grace of the Guru, we were able to participate in a wonderful Satsang in Houston at “Kailash Dham”, the residence of the Daves, on the occasion of Guru Purnima on Saturday, the 18th of July. We invited a lot of people around town, but as it is said, only a chosen few were blessed to attend.

To start with, there were about 15 people at 11 am who tuned in Poornimaji’s discourse; this set the stage for the day with Guru Krupa and Kainkarya as the heart and soul of the whole spiritual journey. Towards the end of the talk, at least 2-3 new families joined in and about 25 of us had a wonderful group discussion for about 1 hour exchanging spiritual experiences, stories, and thoughts. One devotee who had his Spiritual Guru said that he was very happy to have got the chance to honor his Guru through this Satsang and it seemed to have brought back memories of his days back in Chennai. Another devotee explained Swami Vivekananda’s teaching of universality of religion in an as concise a way as possible. Several others candidly shared their experiences. How fitting it was that everyone now subscribes to ‘Nama’ as the one sure resort and Guru Krupa as the key to start uttering it!

We closed the morning session with 15 minutes of Hare Rama Mahamantra.

After a wonderful lunch, we resumed the afternoon session at 2 PM with Bhajans praising Guru and most other Hindu Gods. Dayaji wrote and composed a new kirtan on Satguru Maharaj and sang wonderfully in a melodious voice. After about an hour of kirtans, we did Shankaracharya Ashtotram, Dakshinamoorthy Stothram, 15 minutes of Mahamantra Sankirtan, & Guru Shravan.

‘Simple Questions, Simple Answers’ book by Sri Sri Swamiji, and ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ shawls were distributed to all the attendees.

– Sriram, Houston.
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