Hari Katha at Sri.Meenakshi Temple in Houston

With Sri Swamiji’s immense grace Mukthaji from Houston GOD Chapter performed a Hari Katha session at Sri. Meenakshi temple on Sunday evening , October 21st 2012 as part of their Navaratri celebrations. Since last year, she has been performing Hari Katha at the temple premises. During the 40 minute session, she beautifully narrated Bhagavata Mahathmyam through several kirtans composed by Sri Swamiji. The devotees listened to the mellifluous rendition with rapt attention. About 40 people attended the session. Hari Katha was performed in front of the Golu [South Indian doll Festival] display in Lord Ganesha’s Sannidhi in the temple. Karun Salvady on Mridangam and Mahesh Iyeron Violin accompanied Mukthaji on the kirtans.

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