Janmashtami Performance by Houston Gopa Kuteeram at Namadwaar

On Saturday September 4, Houston Gopa Kuteeram celebrated Janmashtami by enacting the lila of the birth of the Lord in front of an encouraging group of adults that included both parents and visitors to Namadwaar. An idea that was generated by the children themselves, the kids practiced for the first time that morning and delivered a flawless performance to the delight of all who were assembled. The play started with the marriage of Vasudeva and Devaki, and their subsequent relegation to a prison by Kamsa, due to the Divine prophecy that Devaki’s eighth child would be the cause of his death. The story then continued through Kamsa’s killing of six of Devaki’s children, the miraculous transfer of the seventh child to Rohini in Gokulam, and finally the birth of the Lord and his instructions to Vasudeva to carry him to Gokulam. The play ended with the Gopas and Gopis of Gokulam celebrating the Yashoda and Nanda Baba’s dark-hued, beautiful baby who would grow up to be the boy who captured their hearts, minds and souls.
The youngsters who participated in the play included Bharath Salvady, Karun Salvady, Muktha Nair and Mukund Nair, and were assisted by Smt. Zenitha Ram and Smt. Nisha Giri.

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