Kids Summer Camp in Dallas

Kids summer program was conducted in Dallas from Aug 11-13 between 12.00 noon and 4.00 pm. Around 14 kids participated and were constantly engaged in Bhagavatha Dharma Activities.

The daily schedule began with prabhodhanam (waking up the Lord) and ended with dolotsavam (lulling the Lord to sleep). Prabhodhanam was followed by Nama sankirtan. Different activities were conducted on different days including Craft work,quiz,role play,Bhajans and reading Bhagavatha stories. Mangala Harathi was done everday at 4.00pm.

All the participants were very happy and satisfied. The program was a grand success. Boomaji and Sangeethaji were the brains and hearts behind the entire event and they executed it meticulously within a very short lead time.

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