Madhura Utsav at Richmond,VA–July 2015

With immense Grace and Blessings of Sri Swamiji, 4th Year ‘Madhura Utsav’ was celebrated at Richmond, Virginia with grandeur on the most auspicious Purushotthama Month.

“Madhura Utsav” was celebrated from July 1st through 5th 2015 with devotees from various parts of US joining the celebration.
July 1st, 15 (Wednesday)–The first day of the Utsav started with “Sri Guru Padhuka Vandanam” followed by Guru Kirtans sung by the devotees and culminated with Dolotsav.

July 2nd, 15 (Thrusday)–The second day of the Utsav started with Akanda Namasankirtan followed by Srimath Bhagavadha Mahatmiya Parayanam. The evening started with “Padhuka Pravesam”. Holy Padhukas of Sri Swamiji was taken inside the blessed “Happy Home” of SmtandSri. Lalitha Raman. Then followed, Parayanam of “Bagavatha Dasama Skanda” after which “Nandhothsavam” was celebrated with delighted and enthusiastic participation from all devotees, accompanied by “Kolattam”. The evening saw the bloom with Sri. Narayananji’s Pravachan on one of the Pancha Gitams – “Venu Gitam” and the day’s satsang concluded with ‘Divya Nama’ Sankirtan.

July 3rd, 15 (Friday)–The third day of the Utsav dawned with the Parayanam of ‘Govardhana Leela’ followed by “Pattabhishekam’ for the divine couple amidst devotees singing “Govindha Nama”. Then followed the rendition of Sri Jeyadevar Ashtapathis.The evening was all charged by the active participation of 30-35 little Gopis and Gopas in the Quiz on Ramayana titled “ Ramayana Jeopardy” conducted by kids. After which the Divine Couple flying on the “Garuda Seva” traveled all their way to enjoy “Vanabhojanam” with all the devotees. The evening Satsang was concluded with Sri. Narayananji’s Pravachan on “Venu Gitam” and Dolotsav.

July 4th, 15 (Saturday) – The fourth day of the Utsav was the celebration of ‘Rukmani Kalyanam” and “Raj Bhog” Seva. Devotees drenched the Divine Couple with Sri Swamiji’s beloved Madhuragitham followed by singing of Ashtapathis. The evening was all brightened up by the kids participating in Fancy Dress. About 50 little Gopas and Gopis dressed up like Radha, Krishna, Nrisimha..etc rendered songs and recited slokas which was a treat to connoisseurs. This was followed by “Nikunjotsav” where the Divine couple relaxed listening to the Vocal Concert by Sri.Narayanan from Richmond accompanied by Sri.Srikanth Ramachandran on Mridangam from Washington. The melodious concert was followed by culmination of wonderful exposition on “Venu Gitam” by Sri.Narayananji.

Late in the evening ‘Jaanvasam’ made the day ‘complete’ with the rendition of Madhuragithams by devotees, taking turns singing songs in praise of ‘Lord Krishna’ followed by singing songs in praise of ‘RadhaRani’ which all ended well with crackers taking the attention of kids followed by exchange of “flower garlands” by the ‘Kalyana Mahotsava Divya Thambathigal’.

July 5th, 15 (Sunday) – This was “THE DAY” of “SRI RADHA KALYANA MAHOTHSAVAM”. The day began with the singing of “Thodaya Mangalam, Kalyana Ashtapathi and Tharangams and celebrated “Sri Radha Kalyana Vaibhavam” with devotees chanting the Divine Name and rendition of “Naachiyaar Paasurams” as Mangalasaasanam.The Blissful “Madhura Utsav” concluded with “Anjaneya Utsav” followed by MahaPrashad.

Each and everyone who attended the Madhura Utsav experienced the ‘Divine Potency’ in every form be it the weather, sponsorship or participation. About 200+ devotees participated over the period of 5 days and felt divinely blessed. Overall it was a Grace filled week, which will be cherished until next utsav. Virginia GOD Satsang team felt blessed with the God-given opportunity to host such great Bhagavathas and be of service to Sri Swamiji.

Past 3 years this Utsav has been happening at different venues. Now that a permanent venue by name “Happy Home” has been blessed to Virginia satsang for purpose of divine celebration is evident enough about causeless mercy of Sri Swamiji.

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