New England blessed with Thakur ji on Radhashtami Day

On the most auspicious Radhashtami day (while celebrating the divine descent of Radha Devi, the epitome of true divine Krishna Prema), out of sheer grace, our Gurunathar blessed Boston GOD satsang family, with a beautiful Radha-Krishna Couple, an avatara of Madhuri Sakhi sameta Sri Premika Vaadhan – for the satsang devotees to celebrate and rejoice.

This Divine Couple, our Thakurji came to Boston, United States along with Sri Gurunatha’s Padhukas on Tuesday, Sep 18th! They are here to listen to more and more of our Mahamantra Kirtan, accept the Utsavs and celebrations, ensure that Mahamantra reaches all New-England households and soon find and settle in their own abode – the Boston Namadwaar, at the earliest.

The Boston GOD Family met on Friday September 21st evening at around 6:30 pm to welcome the Divine Couple to Boston with Mahamantra, Bhajans, Kirtans and Bhagavatam (Sri Krishna Jananam) & Hari Katha in Sri Narayanan ji, Smt Rekha ji’s residence in Concord.

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