Radhashtami Celebrations at Houston Namadwaar

Radhashtami was celebrated joyfully at Houston Namadwaar on Sep 6 evening. The Holy Footprints of Sri Radha Devi’s Padam that are kept closed in the Namadwaar Altar were opened for darshan on this auspicious day – one of only 3 days in a year when darshan of these Holy Footprints can be had. Kirtans were sung hailing the birth of Sri Radha Devi. Some of the new songs on Sri Radha Devi composed by Sri Swamiji in India only a couple of days before were also rendered. Young girls dressed up as Sri Radha Devi’s sakhis and performed pooja to the Holy Footprints as the Names of Radha Devi were chanted. Girls and ladies then performed kolattam and danced around Sri Radha Devi happily, celebrating the birth of Divine Love on this earth. About 50 devotees from around the Houston area attended and enjoyed the celebrations.

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