Residence of Radha Rani

Date: Dec 5, 2007
Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm
Topic: Namakirtan with Devotion
Venue: Residence of Mr. Manohar and Mrs. Meera
Pravachan karta: Sri Ramakrishnahari

About 50 devotees gathered in the residence of Mr Mahanohar and Mrs Meera, a pious couple who followed Sri Vallabhacharya’s sampardhaya and who had a big hall in their house exclusively for satsang.

Sri Ramakrishnahari ji started by saying that Radha Rani is an embodiment of true unadulterated love and that she makes her presence where ever this kind of love exists. He then questioned, where else would that love exist other than the hearts of people who sang Gods name or Mahamantra with devotion? Krishna could never stay away from Radha Rani. Hence the yugala moorthy of Radha and Krishna get together and play in the heart of the devotees, while they are blissfully lost in the Mahamantra. The devotees joined Sri Ramakrishnahari ji and sang Mahamantra for about 20 min.

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