Special Radhashtami celebrations in Houston Namadwaar

The birthday of Sri Radha Devi was celebrated uniquely in Namadwaar with special Pada pooja on Sunday, September 11 2016. During 2015 Radhastami at Madhurapuri ashram in India, Sri Swamiji had performed pooja to the footprints of Sri Radha Devi drawn on a long white cloth. He later blessed those footprints for Houston Namadwaar, saying that Sri Radha Devi herself was coming to Houston. So on Radhashtami these footprints of Sri Radha Devi – whose darshan is very rare – were openly worshipped by all the devotees who had the fortune of being present in Namadwaar at the time.
Kirtans on Sri Radha Devi were sung and devotees joyfully celebrated the birth of that personification of Divine Love.
god_houston_radhashtami_sep_2016_1 god_houston_radhashtami_sep_2016_2

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