Sri Swamiji's Jayanti Celebrations: Houston Namadwaar

On Nov 6th, when the rays of the sun streamed through the windows of Houston Namadwaar, the lamps were already glowing, fervently spreading the light of joy. The burning incense sticks were spreading a divine aroma!
Sri. Madhuri sakhi sametha Premika Varadhan, Chaithanya Mahaprabhu and Nithayananda and Sadguru Maharaj were adorned with skillfully made fresh flower garlands. Fruits and neivedhyam were reverently offered.

It was a picturesque day…the earth had gyrated to the same day once again when our Sadguru Maharaj, H. H. Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji had descended some five decades ago with HIS mission to banish the darkness of ignorance and hand carry each one of us towards the light of Supreme knowledge.

Celebration was in the air!

At 7 am bhakthas started chanting the Mahamantra in the background of the majestic dhol and chiming cymbals.
We had a surprise visitor, who came in early morning itself, from Dallas, TX, Smt. Hema Kalyanji. Indeed, how can devotees contain their excitement joining likeminded satsang members on such an important occasion! She had prepared neivedhyam for offering and brought them with her.

The chanting continued in the popular tune of our Sadguru’s at varying speeds incessantly for 10 hours with no signs of fatigue. Even with a few satsang members visiting India to attend celebrations of Sri. Swamiji’s Jayanthi and being the Diwali weekend, there were about 30 chosen ones who could make fixed deposits of Nama at Namadwaar and also participate in the celebrations!

The chanting was followed by Madhura Geetham – melodiously rendered by the Gopis of the satsang with Karun adorning the songs with his amazing touch on the dhol. The songs begun by praising Sri. Guru Maharaj . – Varuvai Varuvai Gurunatha.., Paadi thirivai Maname…continued with 12 other kirtans by our Gurunathar and ended in Guru Nathan vazhi….

Hemaji, Zeniji and Muktha danced to the tunes of Kurruku Vazhi Thedum….in exhilaration! This marvelous performance was choreographed at the last minute by Zeniji.

Then followed Anubhavas by Zeniji, who described how Nama had transformed her life and Mukund who mentioned how the two prayers that he had written for his friend and his teacher were answered within days!

It was then time for arathi and kaliyeyum balikollum. New prayers were read in the Namadwaar and Mahamantra was specially chanted for the prayer requests. Of course, a simple prasad was served after all the celebrations.

We wished the day had never ended….and we all silently and intently prayed in our hearts that Guru Maharaj’s dream to spread the Mahamantra to each and every one comes true along with our pledges to do HIS kainkarya and we yearned that the Lord preserve the good health of the physical form of our Sadguru Maharaj always.

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