Sri Thyagaraja Swami Aradhana Day Celebration by GOD Satsang, New Jersey

Inspired by our Guruji’s love for Nama and Thyagaraja Charitram this year GOD Satsang New Jersey was so blessed to celebrate the aradhana of the greatest saint of carnatic music – “Thyagaraja” in West Windsor, NJ on the day of his Aradhana – Pushya Bahula Panchami, which happened this week on Jan 15th, Wednesday.

Despite a busy mid-weekday right after the holidays, we were moved by the great support and attendance from our community and the deep respect they have for Thyagaraja! Several musicians, rasikas and kids turned up to celebrate.

We started with half an hour of Mahamantra chanting, followed by singing of “Sri Ganapathini” and “Gurulekha” kritis. Pancharatnam rendition started as traditionally done in Thiruvaiyaru, with “Chethulara” played on flute! And what to say about the ornamentation of Veenai, and double mridangam!

Thanks to Smt. Bhavani Prakash for leading the Pancharatnam rendition (Vocal, Flute and Veenai) along with Skanda Rao (Flute), Sri. Prakash Rao (Mridangam), Smt. Sachu Shekar on Vocal & Smt. Visalakshi Shankar (from Dubai – Vocal) and accompanied by Vijay Narayan (Vocal), Krisnajit RajeshKhanna (Violin) and Shridhar Parthasarathy (Mridangam).

Pancharatnam was followed by a mellifluous concert by young artists Shardul Krishnakumar (Vocal), Krishnajit RajeshKhanna (Violin) and Shridhar Parthasarathy (Mridangam) exclusively on Thyagaraja krits.

Prakashji shared observations from the concert on Sabari Moksham and Sri Thyagaraja swami’s love for Rama.

More than 40 devotees participated in the celebrations.

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