Srimad Bhagavata Saptaham in Raleigh

Seven day Discourse series on Srimad Bhagavatam was facilitated by the local Siva Vishnu temple in the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Hanuman. The Saptaham started on October 30 th and ended on November 5 th 2017. Smt. Maheshwari Doraiswamy, introduced Poornima ji to the local audience. Poornima ji started the discourse with the Dhyana Slokas and explained the origin and greatness of Bhagavatham. She emphasized the importance of Namasankirtan. In Kali yuga, it is hard for us to find time to read Bhagavat Gita or Bhagavatam; Namasankirtan is our only savior. She further explained the evolution of Good and Evil through ages and how in Kali, they reside in everyone while in the other yugas they had a clear demarcation as measured by distance. She further talked about Jnana and Vairagya,children of Bhakti Devi, who were sick during Kali yuga and could only be revived by reciting Bhagavatam to them. This story particularly helped us understand the place of Bhagavatam and its glory. And when she explained how Parikshit, spent his last 7 days of life without eating or drinking and only thinking of God, how his Jeevan merged with God even before the poison of the snake entered his system, left us all spell bound. The first day, as mentioned before focused on Bagavata Mahatmyam, the second day on supreme truth, the third day on Tulsi
Kalyanam, the fouth day about Draupadi’s surrender, followed by Kunti Devi’s gratitude filled prayer on day five, and Bhishmacharya’s secret deep devotion to the Lord on day six. On the last day she summarized the stories of the 10 cantos and finished it off with Rukmini Kalyanam. She spoke on how Jarasandhan’s enmity with Krishna evolved and how Krishna came like a dark cloud and took Rukmini who was bright like lightning in the chariot. She also told the story of how Parikshit was protected by Krishna in the womb. As seen above, through the 7 days, she focused on the first canto, and how Parikshit listened to Bhagavatham, as retold by Sukacharya. Throughout these seven days, the importance and the place of namasankirtan in the kali yuga was continuously emphasized by her. About 100 + people participated through these 7 days. Many expressed interest in having Nama in their living rooms.

Raleigh GOD Satsang celebrated Krishna Jananam at the residence of Sri.Rajasekhar and Smt.Ranjani Rajasekhar on Wednesday, November 3rd 2017 from 8:30am to 1:30pm followed by Vanabhojanam. Krishna jananam went well with Sri. Rajesh taking the role of Nanda baba and getting Krishna from basket and put him into the thottil(cradle). In the swing, Krishna enjoyed the games and rest. Amidst, we had Ajithan, who dressed up as Krishna really showing us all his charm and filled everyone with laughter. We all arrived at the Apex Nature park, located in the town of Apex in North Carolina to celebrate Vanabhojanam. We started the procession with Madhuri Sakhi sametha Sri Premika varadhan in the Palanquin with a procession following while singing keerthans. We ended the procession in a wooded area where we listened to the discourse by Gayathri Ji on Krishna leelas including Brahma
Mohana Leela. She explained how Krishna leelas happened on a daily basis and what we know is just from one day of the leela. She continued to tell us about Vanabhojanam where the devas who wanted to be with Krishna, came down as gopas to play with him and were scared and at awe at the all-encompassing love of Bhagwan for the ordinary gopas. Satsang familes and others brought various dishes to the Vanabhojanam and everyone enjoyed the delicacies after namasankirtan. About 25+ people took part in the celebration.

Govinda Pattabhishekam was celebrated on Saturday, November 4th 2017 at the residence of Sri.Ranjaniji and Smt.Rajasekhar. Event started with Dasama Skanda Paraynam starting chapter 16 from previous day. Gayathriji explained each chapter with a beautiful Bhavam. One of the Gopakuteeram kid played the role of Lord Indra. With the help of Poornimaji, He did Indra stuti from Bhagavatham . Poornimaji with other volunteers beautifully brought the Krishna Swaroopa lifting the govardhana image using different variety rice. Krishna face was made out of Chakkara Pongal as similar to His Sweetness. Pushpa Abhisekham was rained on Thakur ji while all the devotees were chanting “GOVINDA” namam. Around 40 devotees enjoyed the Pattabhisekham and was a blissful day for all the satsang memebers.

On Sunday, November 5th 2017 Our celebrations for Radha Kalyanam at Sri Shirdi Sai Mandir started around 09:30AM with the Janavasam with Rajashekar ji taking bride’s side and Murali ji from Virginia Namadhwar taking the groom side. Gayathriji led the Bhagavatha Parayanam of Rasa Panachadhyayam and Rukmini Kalynam. Her divine voice singing Thodaya Mangalam and Ashtapadhis reverberated the entire mandir hall.The local audience made it more fun with taking sides and having a banter over food and other things from girl and boy side. Poornimaji and Gayathri Ji helped the divine couple to exchange garlands with pomp and play. Then Poornimaji did the mangalya dharanam with Gayathri ji singing various ashtapathis and other songs to give a festive atmosphere. Then the bride’s side brought in all decorative plates with various sweets and savories. With that the local audience and satsang families prostrated to Guruji and Premika Varadhan seeking their blessings. This was followed by lunch prasad. Event ended with Anjaneya Ustav with adorning Hanuman with Vada Mala. About 60+ devotees who were present and many expressed their awe at the way the kalyanam was organized.

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