Three day Bhagavatam Discourse Sessions by Poornimaji at Lemont Temple in Chicago

By the immense grace of Sri Swamiji, the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago and the GOD chapter of Chicago together organized a “3-Day Bhagavath Kathamrutham” from April 13th – April 15th 2012 in the sanctum of Radha and Krishna in Hindu temple. The Tamil New Year in Chicago began with a wonderful elucidation of Srimad Bhagavath Katha by Sri Poornimaji. There were at least 40 devotees every day to listen to the katha. The 3 day event culminated with a powerful mass prayer and everyone whole-heartedly chanted the “Hare Rama…” Mahamantra and were able to experience the divine presence. The senior priest of the temple blessed Sri Poornimaji with the temple prasad and expressed his joy and eagerness to listen to her discourses more often in the future. The temple authorities thanked Sri Poornimaji and requested her to do more such lectures in the future.

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