Vasanthotsavam in Richmond,VA — May 2014

By the immense grace of  Sri Swamiji, Virginia GOD satsang celebrated Dhivya Nama Muralidharan’s first Jayanthi and Vasanthothsavam on Friday, May 16th at Sri.Murali and Smt.Malathi’s residence. The Utsav started with Mahamantra chanting followed by Purappadu and devotees rendered various Madhura Geetham kirtans as the lord was taken in a divine procession. This was followed by Oonjal Sevai and the Divine couple Sri Premika Varadhan  and Sri Madhuri Sakhi enjoyed the Unjal Sevai in a beautifully decorated swing. Vasanthothsav ended with Dhivya Nama Sankirtan and Dolothsav. Around 30 people attended the Utsav and enjoyed the bliss.

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