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Ganesha – A Simple Child Deity

Kuzhandaiyum deivamum onru’ is a Tamil adage that means a child and god are alike. A deity who has this childlike quality is Ganesha. He is known as ‘Baal Vinayaka’ (child Vinayaka).
A child is innocent and has no hang-ups. It sees no difference – poor or rich; beautiful or ugly; good or bad. Like that, Ganesha cares not for his surroundings. He blesses even those who rush past him and bow down to him for a moment even without removing their footwear. Such an easy god is Ganesha!

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Gurukulams: Impeccable Systems of Education

August is “back to school” month in the USA, as children everywhere prepare to begin a new school year. Let us read about Gurukulam education system of ancient India that was far more advanced and much more complete and effective as a system that took care of the all–round development of the individual. Gurukulams not only taught professional skills to live in the material world but also taught to lead a life of dharma and further, sowing the seeds for spiritual growth and fulfillment of the very purpose of life – treading the path to God Himself.

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Cherished Memoirs – 51

 The Jewel of Premika Varadhan

Premika Varadan, the Puja murthi of Sri Swamiji often performs divine lilas in Ashram. Sri Ramanujam ji, senior disciple of Sri Swamiji recounts one such experience.

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Madhura Geetam – Sloka Series: 8

Vedanta Athichoodi

In this series, we present, each month, divine verses and slokas of praise and prayer composed by His Holiness Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, and their meaning.

“Athichoodi” is a type of poetic work (in Tamil) that comprises of a collection of one-line philosophical verses. The great devotee and poet Avvayar is known for using this form.

Vedanta Athichoodi is Sri Swamiji’s work in Tamil that describes the most important principles for life.

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Kids Contribution

Greatness of Divine Names #5

Countless saints in our Kali Yuga preach the path of chanting the divine Hari Nama, as it is the easiest path to attain the lotus feet of our Lord. In this series, our young writers will share stories and incidents from the lives of devotees that highlight the greatness of the Divine Name.

The Power of Divine Names

A young writer, Sheetal from California narrates how the Lord went to Draupadi’s rescue in the court.

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Panduranga Bhakta Series 7

Test your knowledge on Sant Ekanath

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News of the month (July – August 2017)

**Guru Poornima Celebrations, Atlanta GA
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**Janmashtami Celebration by Orlando GOD Satsang, FL
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**Madhuragitam Kutcheri by Atlanta GOD Satsang, GA
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**’Vibrant India’ – Gopa Kuteeram Summer Camp, Atlanta GA
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**’Andal Kalyanam in Virginia Namadwaar’
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**Sri Jagannath Parivar First Jayanthi Celebrations in Virginia Namadwaar
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**Gokulashtami Celebrations in Seattle, WA
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**Janmashtami Celebrations in Virginia Namadwaar, VA
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**Boston Mahamantra Bhiksha, MA
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**Janmashtami Utsav at Houston Namadwaar, TX
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Sri Poornimaji, a senior disciple of HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, who is touring the US between September to November 2017 will conduct spiritual discourses and a variety of youth educational programs, which includes personality development and enablement lectures in schools and colleges, mainly catering to children and young adults across different parts of the country.

BOSTON, MA – Sep 1-6
Sep 1-2: 6:30pm-8:30pm: ‘Bhagavatha Rasamrutham’ discourse by Sri Poornimaji on Srimad Bhagavatam at Acton MA Flyer
Sep 3: 4 pm – 7pm; Sep 4: 2-6pm: Discourse on ‘Essence of Bhagavatam’ at Hopkinton MA with Radha Kalyanam on Sun Sep 4. Flyer
Contact: Narayanan @ 617-820-2968
Rekha Narayanan @ 617-458-0516

ALBANY, NY – Sep 7-8
Thu Sep 7: 7-8:30pm Satsang at West Hartford with Utica GOD Satsang group   Flyer 
Contact:Rekha Narayanan @ 617-458-0516

CLEVELAND, OH – Sep 9-10
‘Essence of Srimad Bhagavatam’ – Two day discourses at Patel Hall, Greater Cleveland Shiva Vishnu Temple  Flyer
Contact: Sriram @ 832-515-1251

DETROIT, MI – Sep 15-19
6:30pm-8:30pm- Ramanuja Vaibhavam discourse by Sri.Poornimaji at Sri Balaji Temple of Great Lakes, West Bloomfield,MI  Flyer

ORLANDO, FL – Sep 20-26
Sri Krishna Leela discourses at Hindu Society of Florida (Hindu Temple), Casselberry FL.Flyer
Contact: Sri.Anand: 321-231-4363

New Jersey, Sep 27- Oct 1
Details coming soon

Edmonton Canada – Oct 2-8
Srimad Bhagavata Saptaha Mahayagna at Edmonton Shridi Sai Baba Temple, Alberta, Canada  Flyer

Toronto, Canada Oct 12- 17
Sri Krishna Leela at Sri Siva Satyanaryana Temple at Mississauga, ON

Jacksonville, FL – Oct 18-24 
Sri Krishna Leela Discourse at Shirdi Sai Temple, Greenland Road, Jacksonville Flyer
Contact:Smt.Mangala Gowri: 904-477-8821
Sri.Sridhar: 904-403-3577

RICHMOND, VA – Oct 25-29
Details coming soon

RALEIGH, NC – Oct 30- Nov 5
Srimad Bhagavata Saptaham

ATLANTA, GA – Nov 6-12
Nov 8: Inauguration of Atlanta Namadwaar
Please contact Sri.Kishore for more details @ (404)-788-7391

Contact: Smt.Priya Murali : 425-445-0157

DALLAS, TX – Nov 20-27
Contact: Sri.Mayakoothan: 1-830-4GOD-DAL


(Click the name of each city to go to the respective registration pages)






E-GOPA KUTEERAM (Online classes)

Sep 16 – ‘Life and soul’ free health fair from 8.00 AM-12.00 PM, New life plaza
For more info:, 281-402-6585


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